Our team has extensive experience, ensuring an unbeatable value proposition and impeccable execution

Value Optimization: We evaluate critical commercial and financial assumptions, and focus on risk management, designing the precise financial structure.

Execution: We do deals, and we have an organized methodology from launch to closing.

Process Management: We integrate with a client’s own team through a structured processes clearly defined in an initial mandate.

Integrated Service: We mobilize the out-of-house experts you need—in valuation, financing, taxes, legal structure, regulation and compliance.


EMEDOS initiates and structures complex transactions and provides the answers to manage industry-specific risks

Mergers & Acquisitions


Sell-side and Buy-side Advisory

Target Prospecting


Long- and Short-Term Debt

Financial Restructuring

Structured Finance

Investment Projects

Public Private Partnerships

Project Advisory

Private Sector Projects


In response to the government's initiative to support the financial restructuring of businesses during the pandemic, we are now offering PARC

PARC seeks to ensure business continuity, enabling companies to conclude with their creditors the Business Refinancing Plan (PRE) to reschedule any unpaid obligations, and avoid insolvency to ensure business recovery.

Our services include the development of Restructuring Plansfollowing the established protocolsand negotiations with financial institutions. We further offer financial management or controlling services; company, portfolios, assets, financial instruments and company valuation; company's and business units' performance evaluation; and detailed and complex financial and operational modeling.

By offering integrated services focused on value delivery and swift execution, we further provide access to:

Multidisciplinary Knowledge: For successful investment decisions

In-country Value: Links to all the main local and foreign business groups in Peru

Government: Strong relationships at most relevant government levels

Investors: Extensive experience in Peru, Panama, USA, UK, Spain, and Asia


Our team brings together extensive experience in a wide variety of sectors and products, visible in our previous deals.